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Catie Sebesta

-Your purpose is greater than
the fear that limits you -


    My Story

    Born in beautiful British Columbia and raised in Owen Sound Ontario,  I have now found myself rooted to the Bruce Peninsula where I am raising my 3 boys with my husband, dog, cat and a few dozen chickens.  

    Starting my working career in healthcare as a Respiratory Therapist I first began practicing yoga in college and discovered the power that yoga has to shift my energy towards feeling more aligned in my body, mind and within  my overall health. 

    After moving back close to home and having many shifts and changes take place in my life, I found that I was struggling with my mental health. Anxiety had taken over and I felt completely lost! My body didn't feel like my own, my mind was plagued with worries, my early traumas were suddenly resurfacing and I when I turned to the healthcare system for help I was let down. But shortly after my suffering began, my gut intuition got very loud! I had an overwhelming sense that what was causing my illness or dis-ease, was of a spiritual nature. My heart hurt and my mind was confused and it caused my nervous system to go haywire! There is no pill to fix that!

    I already knew the power of Yoga and understood it was more complex than just exercise and stretching. But I needed to know more of what was available to me through this ancient practice. So I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training with  the Deva Tree School of Yoga and dove deep into this wisdom that has been used for over 5000 years. I met the most incredible people. I was inspired to live with an open heart. I discovered our own ability to heal ourselves. I learned all this with the intention of helping myself get better. I never imagined I would be using my training to teach others! That seemed too scary. I couldn't do that! 

    But when I was asked to teach a class for the first time, the studio owner said to me "just jump in with two feet and then you will know if you can teach" . So I did. And I LOVED it! And I was GOOD at it! To be able to not only guide people towards the embodiment of peace, self-observation and self-realization, to discover the power of breath and the delight of feeling good in your body; but I also learned so much about who I am and the impact and purpose I have.  

    5 years later I decided that purpose exists outside of the traditional healthcare system and so I created The Kula Cave. Even though it seemed difficult and nonsensical at times (thank you Covid) my gut once again was loud and clear! This was the right path!

    I intended to make The Kula Cave a place for community to be created. For people to discover what self-care is to them. To create the opportunity to learn and grow through shared knowledge and guided practice. To have a multidisciplinary and alternative approach to health. I hope this place, the people you meet here and the experiences you have with us are profoundly nourishing to your body, mind and spirit!

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